• Site & Lab studies - Destructive and non-destructive examinations in accordance with all applicable ASTM
  • Lightning/weather history research - Procurement and analysis of weather history records
  • Premises wiring recertification - Evaluation of lightning damage and other damage to premises wiring and
    determination of extent of necessary repairs.  Recertification of premises after repairs are made.  
  • Photo studies - Review and analysis of customer provided photos
  • Plan examination  - Review and analysis of architectural drawings (blue prints)
  • File analysis - Review of customer provided documents - reports, depositions, etc.
  • Code compliance  - Current & historical code compliance research
  • Product studies - UL listing, approval and recall status research on consumer appliances and other equipment
  • Telephone consultations - Answers to general electrical and fire questions
  • Verbal reports - Provided immediately upon conclusion of studies
  • Written reports - Concise or comprehensive written reports are optional.
Engineering & Fire Investigations
August Mennella, PE, CFEI, CVFI

Forensic Electrical Engineer - Fire & Explosion Investigator - Expert Witness
AVAILABILITY: Usually available within 48 hours to visit a loss site or laboratory facility.